Structured Wiring

Wisconsin’s choice for Commercial Structured Wiring

Structured cabling encompasses the entire data, communication and technology platform that your business uses to operate. Installation of a structured cable platform is usually part of a start-up plan, but it can also be initiated after a business is in place. Following are five reasons why using structured cabling and security access control systems can help your business.

Pre-Planning and Development

Working with structured cabling professionals during the planning process of a project can help commercial and industrial businesses understand the full spectrum of their information transport needs. Understanding those needs allows companies to manage their project development with cost saving advantages built into the project plan. In short, plan wisely, pay less.

Ease of Technology Expansion

Structured cabling as a commercial or industrial-business tool provides companies with easy to scale technology, communication expansion. As start-ups grow, they often utilize new technology. Since structured cable creates a platform from which all technology travels, it becomes easier, and more cost-effective to upgrade or add new services if that platform is already in place.

Commercial and Industrial Security: Visible security systems not only provide added security for your business, they help deter crime. Security cameras offer a passive reminder that security is a top concern. Security access control systems give employees the freedom to come and go, but they also provide a data trail that employers can use to track employee movement. Security access control doors also keep classified information safe by restricting employee access to areas of a commercial or industrial building based on security clearance.

Master Systems

Using a quality company to install cabling and security access control systems in your building provides your business a cost-effective way to expand security and technology services. This is because the platform for expansion is usually part of your initial installation. This master system/platform helps businesses maintain security integrity while expanding the technology platform that accompanies company growth. This includes adding additional buildings to a network, or increasing mobile access by authorized personnel. Commercial applications enable companies to self manage security based on their immediate needs.

Digitek Digital is a certified network installer for many connectivity manufacturers for all communications cabling, as well as wireless devices. Our technicians are trained and certified to install all Category 3, Category 5, Category 5e, Category 6, voice, coax, data cabling and fiber optic cabling solutions.