Distributed Audio

Multi-room audio that can be wired or wireless

Distributed audio systems can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of a new home. Vast improvements in “in wall” and “in ceiling” flush mounted speakers have given us ability to fill virtually any size room with deep rich ambient music that give you the sound and feel of floor standing speakers while being virtually invisible. With audio distribution a home owner has the capability to play multiple audio sources in any room or area that they desire.

With an extensive amount of in wall, or in ceiling speakers to choose from, we offer our clients the flexibility to meet virtually any budget and the ability to deliver the very best performance available.

Distributed audio is not limited to inside the house

Distributed audio doesn’t stop there though. We can also place speakers outside the home for year round enjoyment. These speakers can be weatherproof stereo speakers, rock speakers, or even speakers disguised as floral planters. All of these solutions can be tucked away from view or placed with the landscaping in mind.
Another HUGE advancement in the area of distributed audio has been the development of keypad and touch-screen systems.

These systems offer many advantages over the standard volume control knob that people typically think of. When properly configured the keypads/touch-screens allow you control every component in your home audio system, from your XM or AM/FM radio receiver to your digital jukebox. Intelligent feedback from components even allows you see and interactively change what AM/FM and XM stations your on right from the keypad.

More advanced systems can incorporate a digital jukebox, allowing you to store up to thousands of CD’s. With proper integration you can view, select, and even search through your entire song collection, sorting by artist, theme, genre, and more.

A few options of audio sources that can be selected at the will of the user:

  • Streaming Wireless iPhone
  • Media Server
  • CD Audio
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Sirius┬« Radio
  • Streaming Services like Pandora┬« or Spotify