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Home Automation at your fingertips

Imagine sitting on the couch with your significant other on a chilly winter night and deciding that you want to settle in and watch a movie. This used to mean that you would have to get up and search through DVD collection by hand, then load your DVD, then go across the room to turn off the lights, and stumble back across the room to get back to your couch. Then you will have to try to work your remote in the dark. With simple home automation this process is a thing of the past.

An example process

The process could go something like this: you pick up your color touch screen remote control and search through your entire DVD collections by theme, genre, featured actors, or just by looking at the cover art all on your television. Then you select the DVD you want to watch and push the lighting button to turn the lights down to a preset level or off all together. Should you decide that you’re cold during the movie you can use your touch screen to turn up the heat, or even turn on your gas fireplace. This scenario is simply a taste of what a home control system can do in one room of the home. If you’d like to hear more please contact us for a free in home consultation.

Interact with, control, and automate virtually any device, technology, or sub system including:

  • Audio / Video
  • Internet Devices & Media
  • Intelligent Lighting Systems
  • Climate
  • Window Shades & Drapes
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Doors, Entryways, Gates
  • Pool & Spa
  • And more…

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